7 Days of Quinoa: Day 1

Tanie at Unicorn Parade recently posted “Recipes for Twelve Lemons“, where she made a bunch of different recipes to use up a dozen lemons.  I decided to borrow her idea and turn it into 7 Days of Quinoa.

Quinoa is one of those foods I have no idea how to prepare other than “put it in a rice cooker and then serve with vegetables”.  A few months ago, my boyfriend made some quinoa.  Not realizing it would expand so much, he accidentally made enough for an entire army.  Given how lazy and uncreative I am with cooking, we ended up just eating the plain quinoa over and over and over and over so that now all I have to say is “quinoa” and he gets a horrified look on his face.  “NO. NO MORE QUINOA.”

So. Variety.  That’s my goal.

I bought Quinoa 365: The Everyday Superfood this past weekend and flipped through it last night.  I then spent all night dreaming about quinoa.  Not kidding.

For dinner I decided to make “The Perfect Baked Potato” (Page 122) out of Quinoa 365.

Okay, maybe not the healthiest thing to eat for dinner, but potatoes are my comfort food and I wanted something comforting as I mourn over the loss of bread and pasta.

This included red quinoa, milk, butter, broccoli, cheddar cheese, and green onion all mixed up together.  YUM.


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    I love quinoa. AND baked potatoes. I never thought I would eat another potato after being on tegretol and wanting to eat NOTHING but potatoes or bread for a year… but YUM. You should post the recipe!

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      Funny you should mention tegretol and potatoes… I was on tegretol for a year as a teenager and ALL I wanted was mashed potatoes. I could have eaten it 24/7. I had no idea that was a tegretol thing!
      I will update this with the recipe!

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