I’m a Quitter

I’ve had a tough week.

I was doing well until Thursday evening, when I fell down the stairs on the way to play soccer for the first time in almost 10 years.  I landed on my back and hit my head and elbow.  I have pain and bruising all the way up my left arm, as well as somehow on my knees and shins.   My shoulders and neck are sore, which is great because it has taken me years to get over my last falling-down-the-stairs injury from 2005 where I broke my ribs and seriously hurt my back and neck.   I haven’t been in the mood to cook, or take pictures, or blog.  Or move.

I’ve tried to keep up with the quinoa thing: last night I made quesadillas (tacos for me, because I couldn’t find corn tortillas) with quinoa, black beans, tomatoes, corn, green onions, avocado, and cheddar.   Today I finally made it to the “real” grocery store and discovered that I can hardly eat anything I like, including Yves meatless products and all brands of veggie burgers that Loblaws carries.  I spent ages reading the backs of packages and discovering that there is gluten in EVERYTHING EVER.

So you know what?  Screw quinoa for now.  I’m sore, I’m exhausted, I’m depressed, and I’m hungry.  All I feel like doing is eating cheese and Glutino gluten-free crackers (surprisingly delicious) and grumble about all the bread my boyfriend bought at the grocery store that I can’t eat.

This gets better over time, yes?


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    Yes, it gets better over time. Gluten seriously is in EVERYTHING. Good luck finding a soy sauce without it (my biggest annoyance, really, because I love me some Asian food). Also, good luck with gluten-free in general when you're finally detoxed, because I'm in Mexico right now and this morning I got up and took a shower, used my sisters' shampoo and conditioner and started ITCHING ALL OVER. The shampoo's main ingredient? WHEAT GERM. FML.

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      I didn't even know there was gluten in Soy Sauce until yesterday. GOSH. The one positive thing I realized was that I can eat rice.
      Why is there even wheat germ in shampoo?! I didn't think to check ingredients in my bathroom!!
      I was seriously bummed about the Yves products because as a lazy vegetarian they are my favourite things in the world. A veggie bacon sandwich with havarti was my favourite lunch. I am going to have to do a complete overhaul of my diet to make sure I am eating properly if I want to still be veggie. :

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