Smoothie Time

Last weekend, I bought a bunch of plants, and then spent about 3 hours cleaning my balcony and planting things.

I planted 8 herbs and 5 kinds of flowers.  I’m generally a plant killer, but I’m going to water them this time, I swear!  Plus it’s been really nice to sit out on my balcony on my days off and read A Feast for Crows.

Unrelated:  Being gluten-free for almost a month now, I’ve learned that I suck at preparing food for myself.  I’m way too lazy, and I basically have NO appetite now (what’s up with that?).  So, between laziness and hardly ever feeling hungry, I’ve been skipping breakfast a lot and that’s a Bad Thing.  So I decided I need to start making smoothies again for breakfast.

About 6-7 years ago, my brother and I saw an infomercial for a Magic Bullet blender and ordered one.  When you ordered one, you got a second one, FREE!!  INSTANT GUACAMOLE FOR EVERYONE!

My friends made fun of me for buying a “smaller, crappier blender” from a freaking infomercial, but I’ve actually used it on a regular basis since I got it and it has outlived two other “real” blenders.

Last week I whipped out the Magic Bullet, threw in some kale, a bunch of fruit, and some almond milk, and attempted to make a Green Monster.

I took the first sip, and… OH GOD THERE ARE CHUNKS OF KALE IN MY TEETH.  It was disgusting.  It didn’t blend at all.   I tried to re-blend it, but it just… slowly whirred to a stop.  R.I.P. Magic Bullet.  I ended up pouring the smoothie through a wire mesh strainer and filtering out all the kale.  GROSS.

Time to buy a grown up blender.  Check out this bad boy:

Yeah, that’s right.  I’m going to leave that “700 Watts of Power” sticker on it so everyone knows how awesome my blender is.  HEY HAVE YOU SEEN MY NEW BLENDER?  CHECK OUT HOW MANY WATTS IT HAS, IT’S RIGHT THERE ON THE STICKER.

Simple smoothie:  1 cup of milk, 1 heaping cup of frozen blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, and 1 Tbsp of almond butter.

I pressed the smoothie button, and 30 seconds later I had a perfect smoothie.  It was delicious and it fit perfectly into my favourite moustache glass.  Plus, now I can enjoy breakfast on my balcony while smelling herbs that I don’t know how to cook with.

Smoothies every day for breakfast from now on!


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