Happy Monthiversary

It’s 1 month since a) I started this blog, and b) became gluten-free.

This was my review after 1 week of gluten-free eating.

I still feel like a “big sack of asses”, but maybe a bit less than before.  Here are a few observations:

- Fatigue. I don’t usually need naps in the afternoon anymore, but I am seriously lacking energy and stamina.  I don’t feel that this is diet-related, because most food doesn’t seem to make me feel better or worse after I eat it.

- Thyroid swelling. I can still feel my thyroid almost all the time, and it’s annoying.  But it’s not as sore.  A few months ago when my doctor examined my thyroid, I was in pain almost to the point of tears for hours after my appointment.  When the endocrinologist examined my thyroid last week, it was sore and uncomfortable at the time, but it didn’t bother me after I left her office.  So that’s an improvement, I guess.  One thing I have noticed is that I don’t feel my thyroid at all in the morning, but I feel it for the rest of the day after taking my medication.  I would like to try desiccated natural thyroid to see if it remedies this problem, but I need a doctor to prescribe it.

- Exercise. This is the worst part.  I haven’t been able to do much of anything.  I had to leave the last 2 gym classes I went to, and I mentioned how my hands went numb at my soccer game last week (I didn’t even try to play this week).  I seem to manage about 20-30 minutes of increased heart rate, and that’s it.  On Saturday my boyfriend and I went for a bike ride, and ~7km (2o-25 mins) into the ride I basically crashed (not literally).  I was dizzy, my heart was pounding, my eyes couldn’t focus properly, the world started spinning, and I became extremely, irrationally, considering-jumping-off-a-bridge depressed for no apparent reason.  Oh, and a migraine.  I rested for a while, I ate a banana, I drank fluids, I waited for it to go away, and it didn’t.  It took about 1-2 hours before I started to feel a bit more normal.  This is unacceptable, but my doctor shrugs when I mention it and I don’t know how to fix it on my own.

+ Weight loss. I’m down 7.2lbs since I started this blog, 15.2lbs from my peak weight last August.  I haven’t seen this number on my scale in 4+ years.  And I’m not restricting calories or hitting the gym like crazy.  I’m losing weight EATING DONUTS.

The most interesting thing to me is:  now that I don’t feel like a big sack of asses all the time, I’m getting better at pinpointing things that might trigger my big-sack-of-ass response.  I sometimes feel worse after eating sugar (see: donuts) and dairy (milk and yogurt, not cheese).  I’m going to cut back on both of those things even though I will die a little inside.

My final thought is, I LOVE BEING GLUTEN-FREE.  I don’t know how to explain that rationally because I’m pretty sure it’s completely irrational.  It’s a pain in the ass when I go out to eat, but I really enjoy that I’m being forced to try new things and prepare my own food rather than being lazy and eating the same things every day.   It’s motivating and it’s making me feel like I have more control over my life.

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