Health Update

I may as well make a health-related update, since that’s all I’ve been dealing with for the last week.

My brother’s girlfriend works in the medical industry, and she talked to one of her doctor friends about the issues I’ve had with my health and with finding proper medical care.  She referred me to a doctor who is supposedly amazing and understanding.   Hooray!  Unfortunately I had to call the hospital’s booking person to make an appointment.  It took her about 6 weeks to call me back, after leaving 40 bazillion messages, and then when I finally spoke to her on the phone, this happened:

Her: “So you’re looking for a new doctor?”
Me:  “No, I’m looking to book an appointment with Dr. A specifically.  I was referred by Dr. O.” (JUST LIKE I SAID IN EVERY SINGLE MESSAGE I LEFT YOU.)
Her:  “Dr. A isn’t accepting new patients.”  (She was 6 weeks ago when I called you, ARRRRGH)  “I’ll have to talk to Dr. A and get back to you.”

That was about 2 weeks ago and I haven’t heard a thing.

In the meantime, my mom got me an appointment at a clinic in Ottawa, so I came here on Sunday night with high hopes.  On Monday, I had a blood test (including 2 unsuccessful needle pokes and 1 where the guy had to rotate the needle 90 degrees to get blood to come out, ouch).  On Tuesday, I spent 4 hours at the clinic speaking to the doctor, as well as seeing a physiotherapist and dietician.

It was okay, but when I spoke to the doctor about my thyroid, she gave me the same old answers: we don’t usually treat patients until their TSH is over 10, your thyroid shouldn’t be causing your symptoms because you’re taking Synthroid, 4.54 isn’t considered hypothyroid, etc.  I wanted to bang my head against a wall.  I have another appointment on Friday to go over a 2nd round of blood test results, but I don’t expect anything to come of it because my blood test numbers are going to be “within normal range” and in my experience that trumps symptoms every time.

I’ve needed a nap around 3pm every day this week.  I’m exhausted all the time, and sore like I did a full body workout the previous day (yet I haven’t been able to do any exercise aside from yoga in over 2 months).  Yesterday afternoon I lay in bed at my parents’ house and cried because I was so frustrated, so sore, so exhausted, so depressed.

Then I peeled myself out of bed and started writing a letter to my doctor in Toronto.  I’m just so tired of looking for a new doctor, tired of speaking to doctors who aren’t up-to-date on the topic and who are too arrogant to update their beliefs.  It’s so frustrating; why is our medical system so broken?

In the letter I told him what I want out of my treatment, and I provided supporting documentation about why my current treatment is inferior.  I tried to be respectful but I’m worried he will see it as an insult to his competence.  I’m seeing him next Wednesday.  In a perfect world, he will read it, agree to it, and start treating me properly.  In all likelihood, he will fire me as a patient and I will need to find someone else.

Wish me luck.  Until then, here is an awesome baby picture of mine that I found in a box at my parents’ house:


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