Gardening Obsession Starts Here

While my knowledge of gardening still doesn’t go much beyond “plants need water and sun”, it’s August 17th and my balcony garden is still alive!  This is a first.  Usually, my plants die by June or July from a mixture of me being lazy and forgetting to water them, and going away on summer vacation.  This year I’ve actually watered my plants and cut off the dead bits.  And most of them are still alive!  Brown thumb be damned!

I’ve had a few casualties.  I found out that the parsley problem I posted a picture of earlier was mildew, so I cut off all the affected bits and that left about… 3 leaves.  One of my margarita mint plants just outright died for no apparent reason.  The other one looks like this:

I’m kind of proud of this one because I ordered the plant from Richters, and it got stuck at a Canada Post facility during the postal strike this summer.  When it finally arrived, it was nearly dead, and now it looks like this.


Gardening is fun when your plants don’t die.  But there are a million things I still don’t know.  Like, when do I pick the peppers?  (Probably now, because they’re red?)  What do I do with my plants in the winter?  Which ones should I bring inside and which ones should I compost (and can I leave any outside)?  What the hell do I use sage for?

I have learned a lot though.  For instance, flipping through a container gardening book in the bookstore a few weeks ago taught me that you can grow carrots in containers.  Now I am obsessed with growing carrots in containers.

Yesterday I started googling plant-related things, and I now have about 40 Chrome tabs open with different websites and articles.  A particular favourite is You Grow Girl, because she’s also Toronto-based, and her amazing pictures make me want to hoard plants like a crazy person.   Like these.  And now I feel that I desperately need to grow 16 varieties of tomatoes.

This obsessive reading led me to researching indoor winter gardening, and the crazy idea that I’m going to operate some sort of indoor vegetable garden in my bedroom over the summer.  Yes, I’ve jumped from “I can keep an easy-to-grow plant more or less alive!” to “I’m going to grow veggies in -30 degree weather in a West-facing window”.

I also accidentally found Urban Harvest, and now I’m in danger of purchasing ALL THE SEEDS.

I think I need an intervention.

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