Gluten-Free Profiteroles

When my family and I went to Italy this summer, the place we rented had a professional kitchen and a professional chef.  She was amazing, and one night she made profiteroles.  Of course, I couldn’t eat them, but everyone else wouldn’t stop talking about how amazing they were.  This is a terrible photo, but this is them (before they were devoured):

The next night, the chef showed us how to make them.  Or, rather, she showed everyone else how to make them while I stood in the corner like this:

My mom’s birthday was last week, and she requested that someone make her profiteroles for dessert.  “Fine,” I said, “but I’m making them gluten-free!”  She said she didn’t care as long as they’re filled with some sort of cream and covered in chocolate sauce.

Which brings me to today!

We are having her birthday dinner on Sunday, and I’ve spent almost the entire day trying to make gluten-free shells.

Attempt 1:  While putting them in the oven, I somehow dropped the entire tray and every single profiterole got smushed at the bottom of my filthy oven in the crack between the oven and the door.

Attempt 2:  Same recipe (minus the cheese), but they came out really disgusting and not hollow, with the middle a big gooey mess.  I felt nauseous when I took a bite out of one.  I have no idea what I did wrong, but they sure as hell didn’t look like the picture.

Attempt 3:  New recipe (with a substitution for gluten-free all purpose flour); just pulled them out of the oven.  They look pretty good!  Until I cut one open, and it’s not hollow.  ARRRGH.

How do I make them hollow?  What am I doing wrong?  INTERNET, TO THE RESCUE!


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