I turned 27 on Wednesday.

This is going to be a good year.  I just need to crawl out of this slump.  It’s been 6 weeks since I increased my thyroid medication, which means I am due for another increase, and currently feeling about as bad as it gets.  I’m not nearly as sick as I was last time, but I am still sluggish and exhausted, every single one of my joints is aching, and I can’t even go into a downward dog or lift my freaking food processor to put it away in the cupboard because I feel so weak.

Since I had to cut out dairy, I’ve been fairly miserable.  I’ve had random bouts of depression, which others have suggested might be from the hormones in milk that I’m no longer supplying to my body.  I’ve also been constantly putting myself into a very stupid cycle of being too tired to make my own meals, not being able to eat anything else because EVERYTHING EVER contains gluten and/or dairy, then feeling worse because I haven’t eaten anything, and then feeling even less like making food… which usually has me in tears by around 7pm because I’m hungry, exhausted, and frustrated.  FUN!

And I miss cheese.  This is worse than my last breakup.

Last weekend I made a meal plan for the week and went to the grocery store to stock up on ingredients.  I forgot to factor in the whole “by dinnertime I’m going to be too exhausted to stand up in the kitchen to make a meal” thing, so my boyfriend has been cooking most of the time.  I haven’t felt like posting, or taking pictures, or doing much of anything at all.  So.  Not the best birthday ever, but I bet by next year I will be feeling the healthiest I’ve ever felt!  Check out the awesome positive thinking over here!  High five!

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