What’s with online recipe reviewers?

Can we take a quick second to talk about online recipe reviews?

Look, I’m new to this whole food blog thing.  And, you know, cooking.  But I have to say that online reviews of recipes completely blow my mind.

A lot of them seem to go something like this:  “I used x instead of y, and a instead of b, and I doubled c and used half of d and didn’t use z.  This recipe was terrible. 1/5 stars.”

Really?  REALLY?

Or there’s the reverse:  “I used x instead of y, and a instead of b, added 14 ingredients of my own, changed all of the measurements, and I decided to deep fry instead of bake.  This recipe was great! 5/5 stars.”

I saw one today that made me laugh out loud.  Paraphrased:

“I doubled the salt in this recipe.  It was WAY too salty.  It needs a fraction of the salt. 2/5 stars.”

A fraction?  You mean, like ONE HALF?!

I guess it just reinforces the idea that you need to take everything you read on the internet with a grain of salt.  Or two grains of salt, and then complain that it’s too salty.  HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR.


  1. loudtomato says

    I see people doing that a lot with pioneerwoman recipes. "SHE IS SO AMAZING AND HER RECIPES ARE DELICIOUS! I JUST ADDED MORE X AND Y, AND I DIDN'T DO Z. YUM, 5/5!!"____

    • says

      It also reminds me of reviews of cookbooks that I've been reading on Amazon!

      "I bought this gluten-free cookbook but I eat gluten and it didn't contain any instructions for substituting for regular all purpose flour! WHAT A RIPOFF!"
      "I bought this cookbook that says 'no refined sugar' and there is no sugar in any of the recipes! THIS BOOK SUCKS!"

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