Getting Healthy is Fun

Well, I’ve got a busy day tomorrow.

I have never done so many fun and interesting health-related things as I have since I started seeing my new doctor 6 weeks ago.  I’ve had multiple blood tests, and I got to spit in a box and mail it to the US.  Yesterday I got my finger poked so I could bleed onto some strips of paper to test for food allergies.  Now I get to do a 24-hour cortisol test, which means I get to pee in a big orange jug all day long.

I remember the days when I was horribly embarrassed any time I had to do a test (because the people in the lab have obviously never seen a cup of urine before).  You go to the bathroom, pee in the cup, hide it under your shirt, awkwardly run to the drop off area and pull out the cup when no one’s looking.  Who else does this?   Not me.  Now I’m all, “YEP.  PEE.”  Now I am talking about pee on the internet.  WHO LET ME HAVE A BLOG ANYWAY?

The good thing about this test is that it will confirm the results of my saliva tests and allow my doctor to prescribe something to fix me.  He thinks most of my current symptoms are caused by my adrenals.  Speaking of which, look at this Wikipedia page for adrenal fatigue.  This is the kind of thing that pisses me off.  If you read the PDF linked to that page, it says:

Doctors are concerned that if you are told you have this condition, the real cause of your symptoms may not be found and treated correctly.

Except, in my experience, my old doctor wasn’t “concerned” about the cause of my symptoms – he decided I didn’t actually have any (because my blood tests were in the “normal range”) and kept sending me away to feel endlessly crappy.  When I did a saliva cortisol test on my own and showed him my cortisol levels were very low, he threw the results in the garbage.  So I’ll take bullshit-alternative-medicine-that-makes-me-feel-better over doctor-who-doesn’t-give-a-crap any day.

The other interesting thing I learned yesterday is that… I might not be gluten intolerant after all.  My thyroid antibodies have doubled since last year, which IN THEORY shouldn’t happen since I cut out gluten 6 months ago.   Also, my saliva test came back as having NO gluten antibodies.  (Which could have just been because I wasn’t eating gluten.)  So, we’ll see.




  1. says

    The lady at the lab said that I should pee in something else, and then transfer it to the jug. I used a tupperware container. So gross though, I'm glad toilets exist and jugs aren't the norm, hahaha.

    Thanks :)

  2. Nikki says

    Oh, PEE in a jug test, I remember you well. Not fun…especially for girls. Boys, pfffffffffft, they've got it down. I hope you've come up with a method that works better than mine!!!

    Also, hoping the results that come of this get you some answers and good help. Thinking good things for you!!

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