Peanut Butter & Honey Sandwiches

My boyfriend was absolutely horrified to learn this week that I have never tried peanut butter and honey sandwiches.  And even more so when he realized that extended to peanut butter and banana, and peanut butter and jam.  Apparently I missed out on an important part of childhood.  He even asked a bunch of people we know and the general consensus was that I was horribly deprived of delicious sandwiches.

We took a lunchtime trip to Whole Foods Toronto, looking for Aidan’s bread. They were sold out, but I found this:

It was the only loaf on the shelf that felt soft when I picked it up.  It’s made by Yoshi’s Sweets.  By the way, I just got an iPhone 4S and the camera rules for a point & shoot!  I foresee myself being even lazier about photography from now on.

Anyway, we got home and Dan prepared to craft me the ultimate PB & honey sandwich.

The verdict:  It was okay.  I would have loved this as a kid, but I’ve felt kind of crappy since eating it (and really full, even though it was over 2 hours ago and the bread was really small).  I’m happy to report that the bread was delicious!  It’s exciting to find local bakeries making gluten-free bread that doesn’t feel like it will damage your floor if you drop it.

Did you grow up eating peanut butter and honey sandwiches?  What other sandwiches did you eat as a kid?


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