Oh God, What Have I Done?

I went in to Whole Foods “for 2 seconds” just to grab a loaf of bread.  I came out with…

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN.  I am the worst at demonstrations.  The WORST.  I can’t go to Costco anymore, ever since I spent $80 on a giant bucket of cleaner (that I never used) because the demo guy totally cleaned a bunch of really dirty stuff like MAGIC!

The Vitamix demo lady made us ice cream (with a bunch of veggies in it!  you couldn’t even taste them!), delicious soup (the Vitamix heats up the soup by itself!), and fruit juice with a billion different fruits in it.  She also made rice flour, which probably cost <$1 compared to the $9.99 tiny bags of rice flour I’ve been buying.

So I guess I have a Vitamix now.   DON’T JUDGE ME.  You know what this means?  VITAMIX EVERY DAY until I go to my parents’ house for Christmas.  That’s 22 days of Vitamix comin’ at ya.

Please comment and tell me why Vitamix is awesome and reassure me that this wasn’t a terrible impulse purchase.  Also, share some recipes and tips!


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