Vitamix: Day 1 / Sunbutter

You may recall that I actually got a new blender this summer.  Technically it was free because I redeemed my Visa rewards points. It isn’t that great.  It has a “smoothie” button, but if I didn’t have enough liquid I would have to press it 3-4 times.  It really struggled with frozen bananas.  And frozen berries.  And frozen anything.  I had to put in way more liquid than I wanted.  As a result, I basically stopped making smoothies for breakfast because I was always disappointed with how they turned out.

The Vitamix, however, is AWESOME.  But it comes nowhere near being able to fit under my cabinets:

"I laugh at your puny kitchen."

I wanted to make a smoothie for breakfast, but I realized I barely have any food in the house, so I made one with what was available.  This included:

  • About 1 cup of original almond milk
  • A handful of frozen mixed berries
  • A handful of frozen blueberries
  • 1 Honeycrisp apple
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds

This was… not the best smoothie ever.  BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT.  The point is, the Vitamix took about 2 seconds to pulverize this mix of things into a smoothie without once screaming for more liquid.  It laughed at my paltry frozen fruits.  And then it destroyed them.

Since the smoothie didn’t work out, I needed another Day 1 recipe.  So I made sunflower butter!

I used about 1 cup of roasted sunflower seeds that I got during my trip to Whole Foods Las Vegas, and about 2tbsp of olive oil.

You need to add oil to get the consistency you want.  I added it about 1tsp at a time.

On Aidan’s gluten-free bread.  It was pretty good!


  1. monique says

    This sunbutter is awesome, just made it in my high powered blender. Bit hard to get all the bits out at the bottom under the blades though.

  2. says

    I currently have a ninja…should I upgrade to the vitamix? What’s the noise level like on this baby? Is the jug plastic or glass? Can this bad boy replace a food processor?


    • says

      I love my Vitamix, but it’s LOUD. My mom’s is even louder for some reason. It will wake up everyone in the house. But they won’t be mad, because smoothies for all!

  3. Tanie says

    I need a new blender, should I get a Vitamix? My old one had an "ice crush" button but all that did was burn out the motor >:/


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