Vitamix: Day 8 / Chocolate Strawberry Ice Cream

I am laughing so hard at spam blog comments right now.  I remember the good old days when they all used to be “XXX HOT CHICKS CLICK FOR BOOBS” and “enlarge your penis TODAY!”

Now, apparently, it’s all about hardcore flattery.  For instance:

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Aww, shucks, you guys!

I was going to make pesto for a late dinner after Dan got home from his hockey game.  Except he went to the grocery store and they had no basil, so we just whipped up a quick stir fry instead.

And then I totally cheated, I made basically the same thing as I made on Friday.  Except this time it was strawberry chocolate ice cream. Strawberries instead of raspberries, dark chocolate almond milk instead of regular, and 1/4 cup of dark chocolate chips added.  Delicious!

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