Vitamix: Day 10 / Almond Milk

I put up our dorky little Christmas tree tonight.

Excuse my blinds / wires / terrible photo.  This means CHRISTMAS BOKEH UNTIL THE END OF TIME.

I had a really, really busy day and ended up working until 9pm.  I had planned to make soup for dinner but ended up just eating leftovers.  Which left me at 10pm with NO VITAMIX RECIPE FOR THE DAY!  So I decided to try and make almond milk using the recipe from the Vitamix book.

It was gross.

I tried whole almonds and slivered almonds, sweetener and no sweetener, straining it and not straining it.  Cold, warm, mixed with chocolate.  It was just gross.  I am going to continue buying it from now on, because yuck.

Too bad!


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