Happy New Year!

My new year’s resolutions usually look the same every year:  lose x pounds, go to the gym more often, eat more healthy food.  This year I have decided to take on a new approach, the Eat Whatever the F*ck You Want and Enjoy Every Bite diet.

The EWTFYWAEEB diet is going to be amazing.  It’s pretty much what I’ve already been doing since I stopped eating gluten last May.  It’s about a shift of perspective from “food is the thing that makes me fat” to “food makes me happy and healthy”.  It’s about embracing the fact that whole, fresh food is awesome, and rejecting the guilt that the diet and fitness industries tell us we should feel when we eat.  It’s about learning to prepare healthy, delicious foods, expanding your list of favourites, and never counting calories.

So here are my resolutions for this year:  enjoy food, enjoy exercise, enjoy life.  Who’s with me?!

2011 was not my best year ever because of my health.  This year I have to start feeling better.  I’m aiming for 2012 to be my healthiest and most awesome year yet.

Okay, that’s enough perky optimism for one day.  Happy new year, everyone!


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