BLUUHGHGHUGHARRRRGH.  I’m sorry, Vega, I really am.  I’m trying so hard to like your products, but I’ve tried your Whole Food Health Optimizer in berry and now chocolate, and they are both yucky.

I made a “chocolate” shake with almond milk, and only used half of the recommended amount of powder (one scoop instead of two).  It was very chalky, did not taste like chocolate, and left a gross aftertaste.  I added a bunch of mixed berries to see if that would help (pictured above).  It did not.

I would very much like to find a protein supplement that is dairy-free (i.e. not whey), gluten-free, and actually tastes good.


UPDATE:  As I was typing this post, the chocolate/berry ass drink pictured and described above changed into a very weird shade of blue:

Science, how does it work?


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