Kitchen Organization, pt. 2

I posted a couple of days ago about reorganizing my kitchen.  Today I spent another 4.5 hours on it.  In a row.  If that sounds like nothing, you have to understand that I still don’t have the energy levels of a normal person because of my thyroid/adrenal issues, so right now I feel like I was hit by a truck and all of my joints hurt.  I just sat down at my desk and I’m not entirely sure I’ll ever be able to stand back up again.  I could fall asleep right here and type the rest of this blog post with my face while sleeping.

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I have decided that I will post the embarrassing “before” shots of my kitchen cabinets, so the internet can shame me from ever allowing them to get that bad again.

Here’s a before & after of my baking & spices cupboard:


I took all of the crackers and stuff from the top shelf, and all of the tea from the second shelf (YES THAT’S ALMOST ALL TEA) and put them in a different cupboard.  I am thrilled to have organized my gluten-free flours, because I have a million of them.  One day I will put them all in their own jars instead of stacking them in bags, but I ran out of jars.

This is where I used to keep my gluten-free flours (I am telling you in advance that this is awful, DON’T JUDGE ME):

“Got a new bag of flour?  Well, just jam it in there somewhere.  It’ll fit.”

Those bottom two shelves are way more user friendly now (although not perfect, because my only theme for this cupboard was “grains + random stuff that doesn’t have a place elsewhere”):

This is where I put all of our snacky foods:

I didn’t take a “before” picture of that cupboard, but let’s just say it contained more appliances and gimmicky gadgets than any person would ever need.  I am donating many of them, and the others I have moved to the former cereal cupboard, which is now found above the fridge:

LOOK AT ALL THAT ALCOHOL.  We sure have a lot of booze for two people who hardly ever drink.  I don’t even know where most of it came from.  DRINKING PARTY AT MY HOUSE!

One of these days I’ll get around to organizing the “cupboard of doom” (lightbulbs and tools and tape and other miscellaneous items), which has a strict no-photography policy and I’m pretty sure there might actually be a troll living in there.

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