“You’re Too Young”

Someone posted in a local community asking for a referral to a doctor who could treat adrenal exhaustion.  I recommended mine.  The poster replied to thank me, telling me that other doctors have ignored her and let her continue being sick because she’s “too young” to have issues.

This makes me so angry I want to smash my keyboard into a million pieces.

I’ve heard the same thing many times from medical professionals.  It infuriates me to think about how much of people’s lives are wasted being sick solely because no one will listen.

I started having chronic pain when I was about 18-19 years old.  I didn’t have the surgery I needed until I was 22.  In fact, the very first thing I heard when I woke up after the procedure was from a nurse who was reading my chart:  “honey, you’re too young to have had this kind of surgery!”

The only reason I was able to have the surgery at all was because I kept arguing, researching, and seeing new doctors until I found the amazing man who actually listened and treated me like a human being.  He was the 10th doctor on my journey, including an expensive trip to the Mayo Clinic, where one of the best doctors in the world told me I was in pain because I’d been sexually abused and forgot (because “I’ve never been sexually abused” didn’t fit the diagnosis, you see).  I’ll post this whole story one day.

This was all before my thyroid issues.  This time it only took 4 doctors to find one who would help me.

How can our medical system be like this?  How is it acceptable for a doctor to turn away a sick girl with documented symptoms and irregular blood tests, because she’s “too young” to have symptoms?  And why does this happen so often?  Why are so many doctors okay with their patients being sick?


  1. Dairyman says

    This happens all the time. If youre young they automatically think you are faking for pain medication. I have had degerative bone disease for many years, only now on my 35th birthday and after many doctors, did I find a doctor who actually dared to diagnose me. I even had an MRI two years ago and the doctor I had then never even said anything to me about it. In fact, I also have a missing left thyroid and an enlarged right, so now I have to be tested for thyroid issues. This was all on the first MRI I had done.

    Most likely,my doctor never even looked at the MRI, he assumed I was either a drug seeker or malingering. Preconceptions are hard to dispel, and assumption is par for the course in medicine. Remember the doctors are parrots for their medical journals. A lot of people think they are smart, but really they are just persistant and have a good memory. If you can remember a list of symptoms and constraints along with drugs that counteract those symptoms, then you can be a doctor. When they diagnose someone, their text book tells them that age is a major factor, so they assume, as in my case, oh he just strained a muscle, no way could he have back problems at his age. In the medical field, it's all about statistics. If you fall outside of those, you are an error and treated as such.

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