I Might Be Insane

I just committed to walking up 1,776 steps in April.  That’s 144 flights of stairs.  Not only am I walking up 144 flights of stairs, I’m doing it at 6 o’freaking clock on a Saturday morning.

This is for the WWF’s CN Tower Climb.  If you feel like sponsoring this insanity, you can visit my sponsor page.

“WHY”, you ask?  Yesterday evening, I was supposed to go to Muay Thai kickboxing for the first time with a friend, but she was sick.  I was terrified to go alone, so I decided to check out the new 7pm Intro to Pilates class at my yoga studio.  When I arrived, I was told that the class required pre-registration and had been cancelled due to lack of interest (likely because their website mentioned nothing about pre-registration).  I decided I would go to the gym in my building and run on the treadmill, but all of the treadmills were taken and had at least 30+ minutes left on the timer.  Feeling frustrated and a little depressed, I went home.  As I was walking up the stairs, I impulsively skipped my floor and walked up to the top of the building (7 floors).  I went back down and did it again, 4 more times, for a total of 35 flights of stairs.

Stairs are freaking hard.  My friend Susan has been writing about her amazing stairs progress on the Thousand Steps Beach in California, so as I was trying to catch my breath after my 35th flight of stairs and thinking about sliding back down to my apartment on my butt because my legs were so shaky, I started wondering if there was a cool place in Toronto where I could go to walk up stairs.  You know, for fun.  Because feeling my legs get all wobbly and my calves get all crampy is what I consider a jolly good time.

I started googling, and found the CN Tower Climb.  The CN Tower is 1,815.4 ft high, and has 1,776 steps (or 144 flights of stairs) to the top.  “I just did 35 flights of stairs and I only almost died,” I thought.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.  Now I have to do it; they have my 25 bucks, I’ve blogged about it, there’s no going back now!

Overall, I’ve been doing really well.  I’m on Week 6 of my Fitbit training plan (which is basically just, “do more stuff”).  In fact, I’ve been killing it:

Here’s my chart from last week:

Wait, what?


If you recall, when I started out, just 6 weeks ago, I was in the 14.7th percentile.  It told me I was sedentary.  Now I’m considered active, and only 5% of female FitBit users in my age group are more active than me.

Considering that just 2 months ago, I couldn’t stay awake for an entire day, I needed naps every time I got off the couch to do something, and I was irritable and depressed and unmotivated, I feel pretty amazing.

Amazing enough to walk up 144 flights of stairs?  I guess we’ll see.


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      Thanks! Me too! Sort of. I think. This is totally your fault though. I don't know whether to say thank you or shake my fist. ;)

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