CN Tower Climb

Remember how I impulsively decided to do the CN Tower Climb?  Well, it’s tomorrow.

I was mostly training in my building, which is only 7 stories and I had to walk down in between.  It got boring after a while, so last week I decided to try my mom’s building, which is 25 stories.

By the time I got to the top, my throat and my chest were so sore I was having trouble breathing – and this was after taking multiple breaks.  I felt like I was going to throw up and my lungs were burning.  I was really disappointed.  I thought, “how could I be this out of shape?”  I had a talk with my mom and pretty much decided that I wouldn’t do the climb.  And then I avoided my blog because I didn’t want to admit I was going to back out.

Then… I started to cough.  And I kept coughing for about 2 days.  Maybe I was just sick!  So last weekend, I tried again.  I did 70 flights (1120 steps), and while it wasn’t bad, I still wasn’t sure.

Then I realized that while the CN Tower Climb says it’s 144 flights of stairs, 1776 steps / 144 flights =  12 steps per flight.  My building and my mom’s building are an average of 16 steps per flight.  Since I’ve been counting flights and not steps, I’ve actually been closer to reaching my goal than I thought.

With that in mind, I headed over to my mom’s building on Tuesday for another try.  My goal was to go up 3 times – a total of 75 flights (1200 steps).  However, I felt so good that I ended up doing 5 rounds – 125 flights (2000 steps).  224 steps more than the CN Tower!

So I feel like I can do it.  I’m definitely going to need breaks, and I won’t be bragging about my time, but I’ll feel pretty satisfied just completing it.

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