Happy Anniversary

Today is my 1 year anniversary of being gluten-free.  It’s also the 1-year anniversary of this blog!

Day 1
1 Week
1 Month
6 Months

Things have improved a lot in the last year.  I have a new doctor who doesn’t treat me like a hypochondriac, I’m able to exercise and work again, I’m not sleeping 18 hours a day.  But I still don’t feel great.  I know that getting better is a process, and it takes time.  My doctor has been doing a lot for me, but I’m also looking for things I can do on my own.

That’s why I’ve decided to start eating meat again.

I became a vegetarian on Christmas day, 2005, though my mom would tell you I was born a vegetarian.  I’ve always hated meat.  As a kid, I would go to great lengths to avoid the meat on my plate.  I could tolerate chicken (but really, I think I just liked BBQ sauce) and turkey, but steak and fish grossed me out.  My parents told me I could stop eating meat when I did the research into what I needed to eat to be a healthy vegetarian.  Finally, in university, I decided it was time and I haven’t had meat since.

For the last year, I’ve been a gluten-free vegetarian.  It’s not so bad when I’m at home, but it’s hard to travel or eat at restaurants since most of the gluten-free options are meat based.  Lately I’ve been reading about the effect of soy on people with thyroid disorders.  Many doctors recommend thyroid patients cut soy out of their diets, and I actually had an ALCAT test tell me I’m intolerant to soy.  But while it’s hard being a gluten-free vegetarian, it’s even harder being a gluten-free soy-free vegetarian, so I haven’t stopped eating it.

I still believe that a vegetarian diet is fine for a normal, healthy person.  I am not a normal, healthy person.  If eating meat will help improve my situation, I’m going to try it.  Even if thinking about eating meat makes me make this face:

Tomorrow I’m headed to the UK for 12 days.  After that… meat time?  (That doesn’t sound right.)


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