Balcony Garden Update

This is what my garden looked like 1 month ago.  Here it is today (iPhone photo edition).

Bonus: how many cats can you spot?

My tomatoes are taller than me (I’m 5’9″)!  The first fruits appeared earlier this week:

Yummy.  This is where you can tell I have no idea what I’m doing.  Do I trim the plants so they’re not so huge?  Let them grow?  Who knows!

Right now my table is covered in Hidcote Lavender plants that I am going to plant at my parents’ new house.

This is the other side of my balcony.  Squirrels have been digging in my railing planters and getting dirt everywhere.

Also crazy: my lemon cucumber plant!  Some of the leaves have white spots – I’m not sure what that’s from.  It’s also starting to take over my gold nugget cherry tomatoes:

I don’t know if that’s bad – should I cut it back, or let it grow?  It hasn’t grown any cucumbers yet.

Purple beans spotted!

It’s getting a bit overwhelming now that everything is growing to massive sizes, but also fun seeing as how my plants are usually half-dead at this point in the summer.

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