I’m a Meat Eater?

I mentioned back in May that I was planning to start eating meat again.  And then I didn’t, because:

I’ve had bits and pieces.  My 90 year old grandmother in England cooked us a pile of bacon in May, and I ate half a piece.  In June, I ate eat half a piece of BBQ chicken for dinner.  Whoopdeedoo.  Basically, I decided I could just keep being a vegetarian for a while longer, because I’m a big baby and meat is yucky.

Over the last few months, my health has been a complete roller coaster.  Last time I saw my doctor, he gave me some probiotics to take for a month. They made me feel awful.  I was exhausted, depressed, lethargic, I couldn’t concentrate on anything – just a huge mess.  I stopped taking them and I felt better.  Then a few weeks ago, I forgot to bring my vitamins and supplements when I went away for a long weekend, so I didn’t take anything except my thyroid medication.  I felt amazing!  Obviously, I have been reacting to something in one (or more than one) of my supplements, and now this is the best I’ve felt since being diagnosed 2 years ago.  I’ve been going to the gym, working, and not taking any naps.  Amazing!

Now that I feel better, I’ve been noticing how much of an effect food has on how I feel.  Namely, my body doesn’t react well to carbs – which isn’t unusual for thyroid patients.  Eat a potato, sleep for 3 hours.  Eat a gluten-free bagel for breakfast, no energy for the rest of the day.  Something had to change.

Last week, I told my doctor all of this stuff, and he recommended a high-fat diet.  He told me to research primal/paleo eating.

Paleo is something I’ve read a little bit about since my parents were told in December that they were both gluten intolerant.  I bought them Make it Paleo for Christmas.  But I had this idea in my head that Paleo meant I would have to eat a ton of beef and it would be really gross, and then I would picture that scene from Game of Thrones.

This past weekend, I spent a couple hours looking at every single recipe in my parents’ book, and it turns out it’s amazing.  Everything from scrambled eggs and veggies to coconut flour waffles to amazing salads.  I ended up eating bacon and chicken this weekend, and you know what?  I enjoyed it.  And I have more energy.

It’s really hard to change something I’ve been doing since I was 19 years old, but so far: a) I feel better, and b) I can actually go to restaurants and travel and find things to eat.  Overall, so far so good.


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