Apple Pie for Breakfast

Because I’m a grown up and I do what I want.

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First though, I’ve been thinking about what to do with this blog.  I have started:

So, what to do with this site?

The fact is, I like cooking and baking, but when I cook and bake, I want to eat.  Immediately.  I don’t want to stage my food so it looks pretty, and set up nice lighting, and take a nice photo that will be accepted by Foodbuzz and Tastespotting.  I want to cram the food directly into my mouth.  That’s why Crustcrumbs is great, because John is a cook and food stylist, and I just have to take pretty pictures.  Here, I end up snapping a quick shot with my iPhone and slapping a hipster filter on it out of laziness.

I’ll figure it out eventually.  I still want to share paleo recipes I’ve tried and written, to keep track of them for later.

So.  Back to what’s important.  Being a grown up, and APPLE PIE FOR BREAKFAST.

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This started because we had a bunch of apples in our fridge, which I bought because I was definitely going to make lots of Martha Stewart-esque apple recipes (with Martha Stewart-esque photographs), and then I didn’t.  My fiance reminded me about the apples, so I googled “paleo apple pie” and found PaleOMG’s Apple Pie Tartlets.  I love tiny food!  Tiny food is so much more adorable than regular sized food!  Tiny food makes me feel so dainty as I shove 4 of them into my mouth (because they’re small, so it’s okay).

Juli’s recipe rocks.  But, it didn’t take me 15 minutes to prep.  It was more like 45 minutes (I might be incompetent).  And it only took 20 minutes to bake, instead of 25.  And I didn’t use coconut cream, because I forgot to put a can of coconut milk in the fridge overnight, so I used real whipped cream (no sugar added).

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And yes, I ate four of them.  GROWN UPS.


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